Medical Agriculture Development and Cultivation Association

About Us

At the intersection of agriculture, science and holistic medicine, MADACA provides and promotes sustainable, organic and socially responsible process and best practice solutions for the cultivation and manufacturing of medicinal herbs to produce maximum reliability and efficacy for patients.

The Medical Agriculture Development and Cultivation Association (MADACA) is dedicated to supporting the medical agriculture community, associated businesses and patients in the establishment and implementation of collective standards, certifications and accreditations to address the unique requirements of this rapidly growing industry. MADACA serves as an educational and advocacy group to promote best practices in both agriculture and manufacturing process areas for plants intended for medical, therapeutic and/or personal health and wellness use.

Through outreach and collaboration, MADACA seeks to promote the adoption of formal standards, as well as the expansion of documented, proven scientific research upon which to develop and implement continual process improvements in the field of medical agriculture. MADACA is specifically focused on the promulgation of validated information in support of:

  1. Organic cultivation of plants intended for medical use.
  2. Genotyping and phenotyping of medicinal plants, correlating to documented medicinal properties.
  3. Natural resource conservation and sustainable agricultural practices.
  4. Safe, clean and reliable manufacturing technologies and procedures, producing phytotherapeutic products with maximum efficacy and minimal variance.
  5. Socially and ecologically responsible business practices throughout the medical agriculture production lifecycle.

Lynda M. Wilkins

Executive Director

Lynda is a Program and Project Management professional, with a decade of experience managing IT Operations for Hewlett Packard in support of Federal contracts. Having an extensive background in both PC and Data Center Management, she has lead programs of diverse complexity and scope, including critical areas of legal and political visibility, reporting directly to CIOs of industry and government agencies such as DHS and CMS. Lynda has developed a strong, proven track record of cultivating, sustaining and improving customer relationships while identifying opportunities for business expansion and innovation to consistently increase profit margins. ITIL and PMP Certified, she specializes in Risk Mitigation and Quality Assurance as building blocks for successful operations. Leveraging this background and experience, she has developed and implemented Supply Chain Management solutions increasing output by as much as 300% during ramp-up periods of production for a contract valued in excess of 60 million dollars, through continual improvement process activities with no increase to overhead. While in leadership roles, she has created multiple PMOs for various organizations, authoring templates and process/procedural documentation, as well as supporting internal auditing for CMMI SVC Level 3 and ISO 20000:11 compliance and accreditation.

Through a long personal relationship with medical agriculture, she has diligently pursued the evolving legislative landscape and has been providing consultation services to industry operators for over two decades. Bringing a passion for organic, sustainable models of agriculture and processing, Lynda has provided expertise helping business operators develop and implement low-cost solutions to improve productions yields while promoting ethical and responsible cultivation and business practices. An exceptional asset to the Management Team, she will leverage her professional acumen and personal experience to develop MADACA’s proprietary materials, industry insights, Standard Operational Procedures, Quality Control Metrics and Analysis, data repositories and oversee all aspects of day to day business operations of MADACA’s resources.

Lynda earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Southern Oregon University and a Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Leslie Fernandez

Executive Secretary and Treasurer

Leslie brings more than 10 years of experience as a legal professional working with employment/labor law compliance, corporate law, and medical malpractice across multiple states legal systems. Working with high-profile, class-action law suits has given her extensive skill in managing projects with many moving parts while maintaining quality and excellence. Leslie has been involved with medical marijuana policy since it’s legalization in Oregon. She has worked closely with legal teams to create educational presentations for CLE conferences regarding employer/employee guidelines on cannabis consumption at work and its effects on the corporate world as a whole.

While working in the legal field, Leslie simultaneously worked in the health and wellness industry earning her massage therapy license and opening her own wellness business to treat and educate clients with a holistic approach. She brings a strong background and passion for herbal treatments and added nutritional guidance for her clients, which led to a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the medical cannabis movement and it’s highly effective, multi-faceted treatment possibilities.

Leslie graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Political Science. She graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon and continues her wellness practice there.